BESTMILK Sp. z o.o. works with leading suppliers of fertilizers in Poland, including:

ANWIL S.A. which is one of the largest and most modern chemical companies in Poland.

It offers: Nitrogen fertilizers - ammonium nitrate and nitro-chalk  (CANWIL, CANWIL S and CANWIL with magnesium) – they guarantee high efficiency of yields and ecological safety. All products are certified with the national Q certificate for the highest quality. They are given by Polish Centre for Testing and Certification ( and satisfy the requirements of the Regulation (EC) No 2003/2003 of the European Parliament and of the Council of Europe of 13 October 2003. 

More information at: http://www.anwil.pl/PL/NaszaOferta/NawozyAzotowe/Strony/default.aspx


Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe „Puławy” S.A.


Grupa Azoty is one of the key capital groups of the fertilizer and chemical industry in Europe. At present the Azoty Group is second in the European Union in production of nitrogen and compound fertilisers. Using the fertilisers produced by the Azoty Group is benefical for developing root system and exploitation of mineral resources and water by plants. It gives better environmental and economic efficiency from fertilizing. 

 BESTMILK Sp. z o.o. has in its offer:

  • compound fertilisers (Polifoska®, Polidap®, Polimag®, Amofoska®)
  • phosphorus fertiliser – Enriched superphosphate
  • nitrogen fertilisers (PULAN®, ZAKsan® (ammonium Nitrate), Salmag®, Saletrzak-27 Standard and urea (including Mocznik.pl®, PULREA®).
  • nitrogenous fertilisers with sulphur (Saletrosan®, Salmag® , with sulphur, Polifoska® 21 and ammonium sulfate produced in Puławy under the name PULSAR®)

More information at http://grupaazoty.com/